5 Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

20 Jun , 2017Bariatric Surgery

You would have heard of some of the more common “talked” about benefits of weight loss surgery. Some of the most common obesity-related health complications are high blood pressure, Type-2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and obstructive sleep apnea.

Regardless of whether  you opt for a gastric sleeve, , gastric bypassgastric banding or duodenal switch surgery, one will experience  significant improvements in alleviating these medical conditions following surgery. There are however 5 less talked about benefits of weight loss surgery that will leave you yearning for less.

1.     Better Relationships with Family

Weight loss surgery helps patients lose more than 50% of their extra body weight in 12months, following successful operation, which leads to a better and more positive outlook on life. More importantly, this leads to greater self-esteem, which they see reflected in their interaction with others. Improved quality of relationships with friends, family and spouse are a natural outcome of this.  Our happiness is so much governed by the state of our relationships-and for someone struggling with excess weight-Surgical weight loss can deliver this dream.

2.     Greater confidence and Optimism at Work and Business

A great majority of people feel more energetic after weight loss surgery and this alone leads to a better perspective on life. A higher self-esteem that follows this helps eliminate the need for emotional or stress-induced eating patterns. More importantly this allows for greater confidence and a feeling of optimism about any new endeavor in life, including business. Not only this –you will experience greater productivity and efficiency, from the extra energy you have, from not having to carry weight which is “almost like another person on your shoulders” at all time

This is what form the basis of taking charge of one’s own destiny!!

3.     Extended Life Expectancy

Studies have shown, time and again, that the chances of early death are twice as likely for obese people when compared someone who has a healthy body mass index(BMI). A recent medical research identified that the gastric bypass procedure significantly reduces mortality rate in individuals with extreme obesity by nearly 90%, in only 5 years. The results are just astounding.

If you desire to play with your grandchildren and dance until you’re in your nineties, then watch your waist line and… if it looks like it is out of control… then consider weight loss surgery!

4.     Improved Fertility

Being overweight has its implications on the balance of hormones in the body. PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is associated with obesity and a disturbed male to female hormonal ratio in the body. This is one of the main reasons of poor fertility in individuals struggling with weight.

Losing weight following weight loss surgery, allows the body to reset the hormonal balance. Not only this, it also improves the quality of the eggs in the women struggling with falling pregnant.

5.     Saving Money

Eventually, it is a no brainer that that losing excess weight after weight loss surgery, will help one save their hard-earned money on doctor visits, prescriptions and other procedures, such as joint replacements, back surgery that are linked to being overweight. Most importantly, the overall cost of food and other snacks will go down considerably as well. Money saved is money earned!!

These are just 5 extra ways in how weight loss surgery can change your life, if you’re struggling with excess weight.

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