The Allurion Balloon

Melbourne Gastro Surgery – Centre for Weightloss is proud to be a provider of The Allurion Balloon – a swallowable gastric balloon that involves:


NO surgery
NO endoscopy
NO anaesthesia for placement or removal.*

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How It Works

The Allurion Balloon once filled, is about the size of a medium grape fruit and occupies about 60% of your stomach, hence creating a feeling of fullness which makes you eat less and feel full for longer.

The balloon is made from a material called polyurethane, which is 85% lighter than other silicone gastric balloons (Orbera 365, Spatz, BiB, Reshape). We believe that this makes the Allurion balloon gentler on the stomach, and more malleable, rather than sitting on one spot. This has lead to much higher tolerance levels for patients in contrast to other balloons, although there is no official data confirming this – yet.

 A special filament bounds the balloon together, which is exposed only to the internal contents of the balloon. Along with distilled water inside the balloon there is a food preservative that slowly degrades this filament over time.

At approximately 16 weeks the filament is fully degraded, and the balloon opens and gently releases its contents into the stomach, leaving the polyurethane membrane to pass naturally through the GI tract and into the toilet.

The Capsule and Catheter

The vegan capsule encases the deflated balloon and is attached to a thin wire (catheter) that is used to transmit the distilled water into the balloon. This catheter is radio opaque, meaning it is clearly visible on x-ray for the doctor to identify the location of the attached capsule before filling of the balloon commences.

After filling has completed, and one more x-ray to confirm positioning of the balloon, the doctor gently pulls on the catheter which detaches from the balloon and removes the catheter.

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Everything you needed to know about the Allurion Balloon

Benefits of the Allurion Balloon

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Why a long term balloon?

Studies have proven that 80 -90 % of the total weight loss from any gastric balloon occurs in the first 3-4 months, with 50% in just the first month! The Allurion balloon stays resident for approx 4 months1.

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Painless passage

45% of patients do not even notice the balloon passing, meaning 55% will notice it in the toilet2.

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Tried and tried again

The Allurion Balloon will certainly give you that much needed boost to kick start your weight loss. 76% of consumers are not fully satisfied with previously tried weight loss solutions.3


1: Ienca et al abstract 237 presented at IFSO 2019 Madrid, Spain
2: Ienca et al submitted to IFSO 2020. Presented at Allurian Masterclass May 2020
3: Allurion consumer market research; 9800 respondents, 8 geogoraphies; Oct 2018

The Allurion Balloon – no endoscopy or anaesthesia required

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As part of ongoing AFTER CARE you also get:

The elipse balloon after care
  • Allurion Smart Scales

  • Allurion App

  • Allurion Health Tracker Watch

Dietitian Support

12 Month Membership of Centre for Weight Loss Facebook Group

Copy of Dr Arun’s book

Happy Gut, Healthy Weight


Creating a New You Journal

Book Happy Gut Healthy Weight
Book Creating new you

Cost of the Allurion Gastric Balloon

At Centre for Weight Loss we pride ourselves in providing a holistic approach to our gastric balloon patients.

Cost of the balloon: $6,950

This includes:

1. Consultation with our dietitian
2. Cost of placing the balloon
3. Smart scale and smart watch
4. Lifetime membership of our Facebook support group
5. Hard copy of Health and Wellbeing journal created by Dr Arun for weight management
6. Hard copy of Dr Arun’s book “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight”
7. Two bulk billed follow up consultations with Dr Arun
8. Two follow up dietitian appointments
9. Ongoing access to our bariatric medical doctor for support.


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Talk to our Surgeons to see if the Allurion Gastric Balloon is the best option for you!