Why not join a community of supportive like-minded people. Join us at Time to Transform 2023

I am keeping this blog short and sharp. (Coming from a surgeon it will be sharp. I assure you of that.)

Having done over 9000 bariatric operations, I have become an avid  student of human behaviour, more than anything else. It fascinates me to see that how we humans have such high intellectual capacities, but we struggle with keeping sound physical and mental health, due to our own self sabotaging behaviours. We have become our own worst enemies.

We all know that we gain weight if we eat more calories and exercise less. (You don’t need a surgeon to tell you that). However what I have come to realise is that as humans, we know what to do, but rarely do what we know.

That is because our emotions, our feelings or our mood comes in the way. We use food to feed our mood and we let our feelings choose our food. We have become emotional eaters. Hence the matter of weight loss is more a Mindset issue, rather than a knowledge issue.

What are you doing about it?

Are you ready to Transform? If you are, then we have the right event for you.

On 15th April, we at the Body Genesis Institute are hosting a live – face to face event called Time to Transform 2023.

We have invited guests and speakers from across the health and wellness industry, besides weight loss mindset advocates – such as Meshel Laurie, TV, Radio Host and Media personality.

“Let this be your moment to Transform and make the rest of your life, the best of your Life.”

Join us for this Gala evening of fun, connection and celebration. Hear from our health advocates and patient ambassadors who will share the journey of their struggles and pain and how they overcame it to develop a health and wellness mindset.

Price : $125.00

What’s included

    • Inspirational talks
    • Bariatric portion meals
    • Fun and Dance with live music from Diamond Frog Band
    • Gift bags
    • Several Door Prizes from our sponsors
    • Auction items
    • And ..a place to find lasting connection and become part of a supportive community

Coming along with your friend, partner or family member – regardless of weight loss surgery.

Click here to book your tickets now:https://events.humanitix.com/time-to-transform-2023-gala-event

I look forward to seeing you at Time to Transform 2023.