Lose Your Weight, Not Your Mind

Categories: general, post-surgery
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About Course

What Will You Learn?

  • Identify self sabotaging triggers in your environment, mind and daily routines
  • Develop a simplified eating and exercise structure
  • Help you develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Develop a mindset that sets you up for success
  • Develop a conscious awareness on what drives the choices you make
  • How to develop an external and internal environment that will support your vision

About the instructor

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GI Surgeon, Health Reformist & Passionate Educator
<span style="color: #303030;font-size: 18px">Dr Arun Dhir is a gastrointestinal surgeon and has practised his craft for over three decades. He is a university lecturer, researcher and author of two books. He is also a Yoga and meditation teacher registered with Yoga Australia. He is a thought leader in the area of mind-body connection, weight management and gut health.</span>

Course Curriculum

Step 1 – Understanding Your Mind
In step 1, Dr Arun explains how the mind and nervous system can either support or sabotage healthy weight management.

  • Step 1: Understanding Your Mind

Step 2 – Looking After Your Body
In step 2 - Dr Arun provides practical tools for stepping out of auto-pilot mode so you can tap in to and respond to your body's unique needs.

  • Step 2: Looking After Your Body

Step 3 – Happy Gut, Healthy Weight
In step 3, Dr Arun breaks down the importance of Gut Health in repairing your metabolism, strengthening the Gut-Mind Connection and achieving weight loss success.

  • Step 3: Happy Gut, Healthy Weight

Step 4 – Mastering Your Emotions
In step 4, Dr Arun explores how your heart and emotional health could hold the key to achieving healthy weight.

  • Step 4: Mastering Your Emotions

Step 5 – Your External Environment
In step 5, physicist and wellness coach, Monique Davey, explains how our external environment influences our internal environment and provides practical solutions to supercharge your life.

  • Step 5: Your External Environment
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Material Includes

  • Course Workbook


  • weight loss