Statistics tell us that there is a global epidemic of the Big 4 – Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Attacks and Cancers.

This epidemic is worse and more deadly than the Coronavirus.

It is also important for you know that all of the above “Big 4” are close cousins. And what I mean by that is that one feeds off the other. But what is even more important to know, is that if you can control just “one cousin” out of the four which is Obesity, the other three  will become very easy to handle.

So, if you have been thinking of developing a Holistic Health strategy – incorporating Mind, Body and Soul based techniques  to live life of peak health and vitality – then these FREE video series are for you!

Is living life on your terms a distant dream that always eludes your reality?

If this sounds like you, I urge you to read on, because you are not alone.

Dani decided to embark on a journey to find the real answer is to her health issues. The journey was not easy. It had its own challenges, however this was one determined lady searching for answers not just for herself but for the mother she wanted to be for her to beautiful kids.

After extensive research in trying to find a practice that could embody a holistic approach to obesity management, Dani committed herself to weight loss surgery.

More importantly she committed herself to making lifelong changes that allowed her to become the best version of herself.
Of course, she had to find ways to overcome her fears – most importantly the fear of failure.

Meet Daniela

At 46 years of age, a mother of 2 beautiful kids and a high school teacher, a job that she thoroughly loved, Daniela found herself battling with multiple health issues including obesity, significant back pain and mental health issues complicated by severe depression and anxiety. She kept taking more and more pills until one day …

She decided it was enough!

This could not continue. Something had to change for her, as she always believed that she could do so much better than this.

Meet Daniela Today!

In this video series you will discover:


  • The science behind why dieting, pills and our hectic, highly digitalised lifestyle is hurting us in more than one way.
  • How boredom or emotional eating is one of the main hurdles in long term success with weight loss.
  • How to break down the science into a simplified structure that can be used to change your self sabotaging habits.
  • Hear from Dani on exactly how she changed the story she would tell herself that led her to achieving her goals.
  • Use the above four pieces of information to develop an exact strategy for yourself, such that it begins to deliver results almost immediately.
  • Develop a self-discovery blueprint for yourself which will allow you to live life at peak health and vitality year after year.

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Don’t wait for your feeling to change to take action. Take action and your feelings will change.

See what other people are saying

about Melbourne Gastro Surgery – Centre for Weight Loss

Dr Arun Dhir has been such a amazing and professional surgeon through my journey so far. I had my sleeve done 3 weeks ago and having a very successful recovery due to his excellent skills. It’s only the beginning for me, but I’m so glad I chose him and his team to get me through my new journey! Thank you

Amy Bazely

I had my gastric sleeve operation on Dec. 20th 2017 at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton. I was recommended by the Diabetes clinic and the Bariatric clinic as a medium risk and the operation was done approx eight months later. I have gone from 148kgs down now to 116kgs in 2 months. Life is exciting for me now buying new smaller clothes, gone from 6XL to XL.

Barry Orr

3 weeks post surgery for umbilical hernia repair. All consultation, contact with Surgeon and staff has been fantastic. Open, friendly, clear communication about procedure and associated costs. Administration staff have been helpful and friendly, going out of their way to make it an easy process. I would highly recommend Melbourne Gastro Surgery.

Reenee Kelly

Dr Arun Dhir

Surgeon, Health & Wellness Advocate.
Author of “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” and “Create a New You Health Journal

Daniela Mezinec

Educator, Health and Wellness Coach, Bariatric Surgery Recipient.

Hannah Wilson

Accredited Practicing Dietetian Specialising in Weightloss Surgery

Julie Hennessy

Julie Hennessy

Accredited Practicing Dietetian Specialising in Weightloss Surgery