General FAQs for Weight Loss Surgery in Melbourne

Who is eligible for elipse balloon?
The ellipse gastric balloon is suitable for individuals whose BMI is between 27-35 and Their age range is from 18-65 yrs.
Who qualifies for gastric balloon?
To have the Elipse Balloon ,your BMI should be between 27 – 37 . Also you should not have the following conditions which can rule out the balloon:
1.Allergies to silicone
2.Large Hiatal Hernias
3.Multiple abdominal procedures

If your BMI is outside this range or you have established medical conditions like sleep aponea or Diabetes,then you may need to discuss this with your doctor.

How much weight can you lose with a gastric balloon?
Multiple clinical studies show that the ellipse gastric balloon will assist you to achieve a weight loss of between 10 to 15% of your total body weight. This translates to a weight loss of about 10 – 15 kilos if you weight a 100kgs.
Are gastric balloons painful?
Every individual is different in their pain perception.Most people would be fairly comfortable after a few days of balloon placement.The are a variety of medications that can be given to assist with this transitionary phase after balloon placement.
How long does a gastric balloon last?
The Elipse balloon passes out afte 16 weeks (4 months)
How do you sleep after a gastric balloon?
It is recommended that you sleep on your left side for the first few days after the balloon placement.After this period you could experiment on the other side and then sleep in a position that is most comfortable.
Can you exercise with elipse balloon?
After your nausea and upper tummy discomfort has settled in a few days,you can resume gentle exercise.This can be gradually increased to resistance training under the supervision of your personal trainer and medical team.
What are Elipse balloon side effects?
The majority of the side effects are experience early on after the placement.These can vary in severity from individual to individual.They are mostly nausea, upper tummy pain,vomiting and rarely intolerance, which might warrant early removal of the balloon .This need for early removal is a rare thing to happen.
Is the gastric balloon worth it?
When combined with intensive weight loss strategies, the Allurion Balloon leads to nearly 2.5 times more weight-loss than when undertaking intensive weight-loss strategies alone, across 16 weeks. In fact, 17% of patients undertaking intensive weight loss strategies alongside the Allurion Balloon achieved a weight loss of over 20% of their total body weight! Allurion has more success than dieting alone because patients feel less hungry, feel fuller more quickly after eating, and will not have hunger attacks which can be experienced when typically dieting. This is what makes the Allurion Balloon worth it.