Forgiveness and Health

by May 20, 2019Magical Monday Message

Can Forgiveness Lead to Success with Your Health?

You’ve heard the saying, “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. Forgiveness is actually crucial to repair of the body. There’s an interesting chapter in “Working with the Law”, a book by Raymond Holliwell (available for free download from Dr. Ahrun Dhir’s Working with the Law page). Under the topic of the Law of Forgiveness, he wrote that one noted physician said to other medical men on the topic of thought being a source of disease, “Abnormal tumors and cancers are due to long period of suppressed grief and anxiety”.

Dr Arun Dhir, Surgeon, Health and Wellness Advocate, continues this topic and provides weekly insights on how we can take charge of our life, become “Masters of our Destiny” and “Captains of our Ship”. Enjoy and apply whatever resonates with you in these concepts messages and let go of the rest.