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Monique Davey

B.Ed, Coach, NLP Practitioner, Speaker, Educationalist, Energy Consultant

Monique found her unique calling to help people to ‘redefine who they are’ after spending many years teaching in classrooms around the world.
She spent time in local government advocating for community groups, and travelled the precarious path of being a sole parent to 3 young children for over 10 years.

Let go of what is holding you back from living your best life!

  • Redefine your life story to a success story
  • Change destructive thought patterns
  • Put an end to negative self-talk
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Heal trauma response
  • Master your thinking
  • Stop comfort eating
  • Start healthy habits
  • Self acceptance

Book a free 30min appointment


Emotional Eating

Is the number one reason why a person struggles to lose excess weight and maintain weight loss success.

What to Expect

Each session, I work with you creating a tailored and structured program.
I use NLP to change destructive thought patterns and habits, and to introduce new healthy mindset shifts.
I use clear, step-by-step processes for you to follow and teach you to be a leader in your own life.
I will help you to reach self-empowerment by teaching you self-awareness.


  • 6 Sessions $1200 paid in 2 instalments of $600 each
  • 6 Sessions $1100 pre-paid in full
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6 Sessions

Paid over 2 Monthly instalments


6 Sessions

Up front Payment

Thank you Monique, your coaching service has been invaluable to me. You have a wonderful approach and a great way to gentle guide and support to dig deep and understand my drivers. I had so many light bulb moments that really helped me understand my emotional eating patterns and I was able to tap into those feelings of what’s driving the behaviour in order to make the healthiest decision. Monique is genuinely caring, kind and empathetic and I highly recommend anyone wanting guidance and support to work through areas in your life that are holding you back.”

~ Colette D, Avondale Heights