Save for Safe Surgery


I want private insurance, but why should I have to wait?

A 12 month support program to help you overcome the waiting period by cultivating discipline and peak mindset, beside giving you financial security.

And after years of contemplation you are ready and fired up, found the right team, put yourself in the right mind set and have the support of your loved ones …


Self funding this surgery appears not only expensive but risky too!

How about taking Private Health Insurance?


Yes … But!

“Why should I wait 12 months … It seems too long!

I wanted my surgery now!”

Why is there a waiting period?


All private insurance providers will apply a waiting period (mostly 12 months) before they can cover weight loss surgery for you.
Health insurance waiting periods exist so that providers can keep premiums lower.
It prevents customers from joining for a particular service and claiming immediately.

Why should I get Private Health Insurance to cover my Weight Loss Surgery?

There are many reasons why it is beneficial for you to have private insurance :

1. Significant costs savings when compared to self funding your surgery. The costs of self funding weight loss surgery – either through Super or through your own savings can be in the vicinity of $25,000 to $30,000 in the event that everything goes as per plan and there are no complications of surgery. Compare that to $7000 approximately with a valid private health insurance – that is almost one fourth the costs for a Gastric Sleeve procedure – that is massive savings!!

2. Peace of mind in the event of unexpected outcomes.
Surgery is a high risk treatment and we want to reduce our risk of unexpected events after surgery to as low as possible. Unexpected events such as bleeding, infection or extended hospital stay are rare but when they do, they can turn out to be very expensive, especially if you are self funding your surgery.

Having Private Health insurance gives you peace of mind so that you have financial predictability (no financial burden), even if you experienced an unexpected outcome with your surgical procedure.

3. Private Health cover for any other medical condition that may come up. In the unfortunate event that you experience a (new) condition (such as acute appendicitis) that needs admission to a hospital – you have the ability to choose your surgeon and go to a private hospital, so you can avoid long waits in public hospital emergencies.

Other potential advantages of private health insurance?

  • Skip the waiting list
  • Private hospital rooms
  • Claim money back on non-Medicare health services
  • Dental covered by private health insurance (Extras only)
  • Select your doctor or surgeon
  • Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Save long-term with Lifetime Health Cover

Okay … tell me more about the Save for Safe Sleeve (SSS) program.

SSS program was designed having your safety in mind first. The program commences when you take out a valid private health insurance that covers you for weight loss surgery in a Private Hospital. The program supports your mindset and physical fitness during the waiting period, generally 12 months, such that you optimise your chances for long term success after weight loss surgery.

What are the benefits of this program?

This program is designed to help you develop:

  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Peak Mindset prior to your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It also provides you most importantly with:

  • Financial security and predictability


steps to save for safe surgery

When does the program end?

The SSS program runs for 12 months after which you will have your surgery.
You get another12 months of after surgery support FREE of charge as a part of our support package during which you will be provided tools that will build foundations for lasting success with weight loss. See below

What’s included in the program?

The program has the following included:

  • Private health insurance coverage + Excess ($500): This is something you take out after your own research and some recommendations from us. It covers Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Item 31575) in a Private Hospital.
  • Fresh Start Program: Pre-Surgery Mindset coaching to get you thinking Sharp and Clear on what is the reason why you are experiencing weight issues in the first place. This is delivered as Coaching Calls Once a Month.
  • Invitation Live Events: You will also be invited to our Live events once every 3 months for engaging with people who have had surgery and how they overcame their unique challenges.
  • Dietitian support: Pre-Surgery dietitian support by way of two Face-to-Face meetings and a Facebook Live meeting every 6 weeks for the duration of the program.
  • Surgeon Consultation: Two consultations with our Surgeons – A rebate of $75.05 and $37.70 is refunded to you with a valid GP referral. Detailed consultations that allow you to understand more about weight loss surgery, the process and ask questions to our surgeons directly.Also helps you build rapport with some of the key members of your team.
  • Webinars: Monthly webinars are a great way, how we reach out to you. All you need is a laptop/smart phone and internet connection and away you go! You will hear from our invited experts and past patients who will share their insights and reflection on their journey to health and wellness.
  • Health and Wellness Journal: A specially crafted journal that helps you track your progress on the journey to lasting health.
  • Join our Community on Facebook for Notifications and other events.

What are the benefits of the SSS program?

1. Peace of mind
2. Financial security – NO bills from Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Assistant or Hospital after surgery
3. No stress of unexpected outcomes leading to financial burden
4. Better mindset to commence your journey to better health
5. Commitment and discipline
6. Financial Savings for – lower taxation, Medicare Levy Surcharge etc. Please check with your accountant.
7. Twelve months of after-surgery support from Surgeons, Dietitians and Mindset coaching, besides other tools.

Costs for the program?

SSS Program involves paying a set cost every month so that it takes care of everything expected or unexpected after your surgery by the end of 12 months.

Look at it like investing in your Health Account every month. As you are paying for the program every month in installments, there is no out of pocket payments required by the time you reach the end of your 12 month waiting period with your VALID private health insurance.

How can I join this program today?

Book a Free 15 minute consultation with our Patient Advisor TODAY to inquire more.

Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take action;

Take the action and your feelings will change!

Can I get my Super to pay for this program?

Yes. You can apply to the ATO for the early release of Super and pay at the onset of the program in full if your funds are approved.

Please note that this is classed as early release of money from Super and involves paperwork/ communication with ATO at regular intervals, to ensure all due processes are followed. We have outsourced this process to Super Care who streamline the process. There are some costs involved in this service.

What about support after my weight loss surgery?

All patients who are members of Save for Safe Sleeve Program will be provided with after surgery support package at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


  • 3 dietitian consults during the first 12 months after surgery (subsequent visits are charged at $70 per visit).
  • Facebook Live Call (every 6 weeks ) following surgery.
  • Email and text support for short queries with the dietitian, following surgery.
  • No charge for surgeon visits for 2 years following surgery.
  • Rebel voucher to the value of $150.00 – use it to buy shoes or Fit Bit from Rebel
  • Multivitiams (60) and Probiotics (60) to assist your healthy journey.
  • Optifast Starter pack with complimentary shaker.
  • Meal/Medical Alert card.
  • Wellness journal to keep track of your progress and help keep you motivated.
  • The Fresh Start Program: 12 months of monthly mindset coaching calls that help you build the foundations for lasting behavioural change after weight loss surgery, which can set you up for lasting success.


Any cost of private health insurance is approximate and based on a 43yo covered for bariatric surgery who has not previously held private hospital insurance. MGS cannot guarantee outcomes for individual participants. MGS is not responsible for members or participants taking out private insurance with incorrect coverage. Participants/Members must exercise individual due diligence in obtaining appropriate insurance for your long term health requirements. Usual 12 month waiting periods with private hospital insurers apply, however we encourage to do your own research and confirm details before you sign any documents.