How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

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What is the cost of weight loss surgery?

A lot will depend on whether you have health insurance. To view a chart of approximate costs of weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery), please select the relevant button, according to whether you have Private Health Insurance or not.

Funding Your Weight Loss Surgery

We understand the Out of Pocket costs can seem to be very steep for many patients wanting weight loss surgery. However, if you look at the bigger picture – for a small initial investment, you can actually save a lot of money in the future. To find out about the potential for saving money after weight loss surgery, read “Money saved on food and medical bills pays for weight loss surgery”

man sitting on lounge, has had gastric sleeve surgery
Piggybank - Cost of weight loss surgery can save you money

Can I Use My Super To Fund Weight Loss Surgery?

This is certainly an option that many have used. However, the rules around this option are very stringent. You will need to discuss this with your Super fund and comply with their requirements. We can assist by providing documentation to support the claim as is reasonable and defensible on medical grounds.

A date of surgery will not be determined until documentation is provided with approval of fund release.

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