How money saved on medication & food pays for surgery!

5 May , 2018Feature

Do you often think about getting weight loss surgery to start living a normal life? Do you often start an online search to know how much it will cost you to get weight loss surgery and then return disappointed because the costs are too high? Maybe you are looking at things the wrong way. The costs of weight lost surgery might sound big at first but if you do some basic calculation and take a second look at your expenses, you will be surprised to know how easy it is for you to get one done.

Write down your monthly expenses, especially what you spend on food only. Think about it, just a McMeal at McDonald’s might cost you around $10 one time. And if you like to eat fast food multiple times a week, just imagine how much you will be saving if you only quit eating at restaurants. And if you like to eat out, you must invite your friends to join with you too. How much fast food you eat must double in size and quantity when there is a favorite sports event on TV. In addition to that, imagine the horror of thousands of dollars of medical bills that you might end up with if you don’t get rid of your excess weight soon.

Obesity doubles the chances of hypertension and hypertension is the major cause of heart attacks. In 2015 alone, cardiovascular diseases killed 45,392 Australians. The important thing to notice here is that obesity, physical inactivity, being overweight and a high cholesterol are considered the top risk factors for Cardio Vascular Disease (source). Look at those words again, you could combine them all to form one word – overweight. If you read news regularly, general physicians’ fees are going up pretty fast in Australia now. Just so you know, the worst heart related expense for a patient in Australia can be up to $140,000. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Why go there when you can avoid it all with a weight loss surgery?

But you need understand well  that weight loss surgery is still only one step towards weight loss. The real change comes with a lifestyle change. Do yourself a favor, stop spending money on eating at restaurants, save this money bit by bit and get done with weight loss surgery. Make sure you meet the handsome and sexy person when you look in the mirror next time.

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