5 Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

You would have heard of some of the more common “talked” about benefits of weight loss surgery. Some of the most common obesity-related health complications are high blood pressure, Type-2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and obstructive sleep...

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Hormonal Imbalance

Causes, Symptoms and How to Balance Them Hormonal imbalances in the body can affect you in more ways than you can imagine. Some of the most common symptoms that your hormones are not balanced are irritability and crankiness in mood. However, that’s not...

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Health Risks Associated with Obesity

Obesity is not a cosmetic issue, but very much a fitness issue that leads to increased health risks. It is necessary to get rid of obesity to lead a healthy and fit life. Along with daily fitness regimen, and dieting, you could go for suitable weight loss...

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