Meet Amanda

Like Amanda, do you see your weight as significant hurdle to a fulfilling life? Have you been on the dieting roller-coaster?

Amanda talks about her jouney and how Weight Loss Surgery was key to a lasting transformation.

Weight Loss Surgery Melbourne - Amanda's Story

Meet Daniela

At 46 years of age, a mother of 2 beautiful kids and a high school teacher, a job that she thoroughly loved, Daniela found herself battling with multiple health issues including obesity, significant back pain and mental health issues complicated by severe depression and anxiety. She kept taking more and more pills until one day …

She decided it was enough!

This could not continue. Something had to change for her, as she always believed that she could do so much better than this.

Dani decided to embark on a journey to find the real answer is to her health issues. The journey was not easy. It had its own challenges, however this was one determined lady searching for answers not just for herself but for the mother she wanted to be for her to beautiful kids.

After extensive research in trying to find a practice that could embody a holistic approach to obesity management, Dani committed herself to weight loss surgery.

More importantly she committed herself to making lifelong changes that allowed her to become the best version of herself.
Of course, she had to find ways to overcome her fears – most importantly the fear of failure.

Meet Daniela Today!

Watch this webinar recording where Dr Arun Dhir, Dr Maccar and Dani on how our level of self love could determine how we see our self image.