Free After Surgery Support Package

Our heartiest congratulations on taking the first step in your health and wellness journey!

When you choose to have your weight loss surgery with Centre for Weight Loss, our team’s support of your journey covers MORE than just the surgery itself.

As part of your weight loss journey, we provide our patients with the following 8 BONUS ITEMS included in your Support Package – ALL FREE of charge.

Introducing our

All Inclusive After Surgery Support Package

Integrated mind-body support for your health journey.


Absolutely FREE for our surgery patients.


Rebel $150 voucher

It’s the ticket to letting you loose to choose all the gear you need for your favourite sport or exercise regime.


1 x box MultiVitamins – 60 chewable capsules

The BN Multi is a unique multi-vitamin specially formulated for people with malabsorption issues including people who have had bariatric surgery. Containing comprehensive B-Complex and trace minerals, BN Multi’s are hypoallergenic, and easy to digest. You can now choose between the BN Multi Chewable Tablet and the new BN Multi Capsule.

Consultations with Bariatric Surgeons

Post-Operative Consultations

2 Years of Post-Operative Consultations with our Bariatric Surgeons. (You will need a current referral from your GP and a valid Medicare card)

Your Surgeon will see you at regular intervals to check up on your weight loss progress after your Bariatric surgery.

In the first year, your Weight Loss Surgeon will review your progress once every 2 to 4 months (or sooner if required, if you have medical concerns after surgery) – four to six visits with your Surgeon in the first year are included with your Weight Loss Surgery Pack. (Value is approximately $400 – $500 AUD).

Scheduling may vary and our Team’s Surgical Associates may assist with your care from time to time, but Dr Dhir and the our Surgeons will often assist you directly during your journey.

Consultations with Bariatric Surgeons

Dietitian Support

12mth Dietitian Support After Weight Loss Surgery
The team at Melbourne Gastro Surgery, is committed to supporting you in your weight loss journey. Knowing what to eat, what not to eat, and when to eat is important after weight loss surgery. It’s an educational AND motivational process to make changes that will assist you in losing weight and keeping it off. Our dietitians will provide you with up to 12 MONTHS of support after Weight loss surgery that includes face to face consults, Skype or tele-consults and lots of video resources, which you will love!  This is the time we believe you need the most support to lay the foundations for lasting success.

Value: $400 to $600 AUD included FREE with your Weight Loss Surgery at Melbourne Gastro Surgery


Consultations with Bariatric Surgeons

Private Facebook Support Group

You receive an exclusive invitation to join our Facebook Support Group (for members only).

You get life-long access to invitation to events and live call with our dietitians.

Anaestheitic & Assistant gap fees covered

Anaesthetic & Assistant Gap Fees Covered

Anaesthetic and Assistant Gap (Out of Pocket) fees. Normally these GAP fees amount to OUT OF POCKET expenses to Weight Loss Surgery patients.

When you have weight loss surgery with our Team, there is typically a GAP FEE for Anaesthetic Services and for the Surgical Assistant(s). These are typically billed separately to patients at most surgery centres. However, at Melbourne Gastro Surgery, these GAP FEES are covered for you as part of our Weight Loss Surgery & support services package. You will need a current referral from your GP and a valid Medicare card.

Value: $600 to $750 AUD (Included/Covered with your Weight Loss Surgery Package).

Meal Card

Meal Card

Meal Card (Meal Savings Assistance)

We provide you with a MEAL CARD, which recognises that you will only be able to handle small portion size meals after your weight loss surgery. This enables you to order smaller meals and save money when dining out.

This can be useful while dining out and can help you save money on meals. Value: Will vary from patient to patient.

Healthy Habits Journal

Creating a New You – Wellness Journal

Set exercise goals, log your sleep pattern and eating plans.

Creating a new youCreating a New You is a creation by Dr Arun, and supported by Metagenics.

The only way to achieve your dreams is to write them down on paper. Journalling is a very powerful exercise and can help form new lifestyle patterns called – HABITS.

Habits, both good and bad, play such a huge role in our lives. Yet they might be overlooked in the day to day. However, habits often need early nurturing to develop into everyday habits.

Understanding how habits work – and how you can master habits to ensure your success – is crucial to living a life you love and having a healthy body after surgery. That’s where the “Creating a New You” Goal Setting Journal comes in to play!

“Wishing you success on your journey to optimal health!!”

Embark on a journey to reclaim your Healthy weight with a team that is PASSIONATE about supporting your mind and body to help you SUCCEED.