Pre Procedure Healing Meditation


Meditation to help get you ready for surgery.
Please use headphones to enjoy these meditations.

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When you meditate, you are taking your body into a advanced brainwave states, in which the brain has slower waves but higher amplification. This is almost the same state produced through sleep – but more advanced; it allows the brain to concentrate its efforts on cell regeneration. It also creates positive mental states, such as compassion, kindness, love, and trust.

Disclaimer: When it comes to field of biology, life sciences and healing, results can never be guaranteed. The Meditation is not intended to replace conventional treatment that you may be undergoing under the guidance of your medical team. While miracles are possible, they can never be guaranteed. While we hope that the participants of this meditation will benefit from applying the information provided along with their conventional treatment, due to the nature of the surgical / medical treatment and multiple variables involved, it would be impossible to guarantee outcomes.


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