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An 8 week online program to supercharge your metabolism for achieving and maintaining your healthy weight (regardless of weight loss surgery).


What you’ll get this 8 week program in addition to:
• “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” – Dr Arun’s best selling book, as a downloadable copy
• Two 30 minute one-on-one Strategy Sessions
• An invitation to our Private Facebook Community
• Access to our Monthly Webinar
• Ongoing support with our experienced dietitians

The 8 step program has the following components:

Strategy 1

Take charge of where you are
The first step is about taking 100% responsibility of where you are today. We go deeper into this subject and suggest practical strategies on how we get over the blame game and come up with radical solutions that give you clarity.

Strategy 2

Your miracle morning routine
Morning time has truly been called the “Golden Hour of Power”. This step gives you the fundamentals of setting up a morning routine that can jump start you into the day in a peak physical, mental and emotional state. A workbook and resources complement this step.

Strategy 3

The power of meditation
What if I told you that it is your stress that is making you fat? Crazy idea, isn’t it? However, science is proving that highly stressed states cause us to engage in mindless eating which leads to weight gain. This step deals with a strategy and how it can be applied effectively to manage your stress better. A complementary audio meditation provides a great resource to begin this exercise.

Strategy 4

Exercise to Energise
Lots of people have mixed, unclear information about this specific step. We dive deeper into what kind of exercise and how much of it. Also, we need to understand the association between exercise, breathing and metabolism. YouTube video resource complements this step.

Strategy 5

Water, the Elixir of life
We all know the relevance of drinking water. But what about the relevance of drinking water and weight loss? This module provides validated science behind how much, when and what kind of water is most suitable for healthy weight, or after weight loss surgery.

Strategy 6

Know what you eat
Yes, we have all been told, “You will only eat like a bird for healthy weight, or after weight loss surgery”. Is this really true? Do we take more proteins or just focus on healthy fats? And what about eating often or eating only twice a day? Doing research on these questions can be very confusing. Moreover, rigid dietary patterns can be very hard to sustain. I dispel the myths around several recommendations and provide you with basic fundamentals that will allow you to bring variety, cut back monotony and provide you with a balanced nutritious diet that helps reset your metabolism. We also delve into what major food categories we need to cut out as they are hurting us every day.

Strategy 7

Focus on your gut health
Getting your gut in optimal health forms the basis of achieving lasting health. We examine the signs of healthy gut microbiota, a fancy word for the bugs that live in our gut and call it home. We talk about specific simple yet practical strategies that you could apply to get your gut health in order.

Strategy 8

Sleep well to stay well
Many underestimate the power of good quality and quantity of sleep when it comes to weight loss. This step explores the science behind it all and provides practical strategies of what will allow you to start sleeping better.


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