Brooke’s Story

by Feb 14, 2021

Brooke, for as long as she can remember, was conscious of her weight, made smart choices, and tried every diet imaginable. She got to a point where she thought, “This is ridiculous!” Now, after weight loss surgery, she is learning to eat guilt free and living her life.
Watch as she tells her story.

What are the first few weeks after surgery like?

Brooke talks about how much she enjoys her eating times and how its working for her. She had two weeks off work. At three weeks after surgery she was excited to get back into her exercise routine. At seven weeks she was working at controlled weight loss as this helps with skin shrinkage. She says she still goes out with friends to the Pancake Parlour, and still does lots of fun things.

Six months on

Six months on, Brooke says her confidence in what she looks like has grown and she’s comfortable in her clothes. She’s just been on a trip overseas and did many more things than if she hadn’t lost weight! She finds it was exciting to go shopping. She’s not buying garments because they fit but because she actually likes them. Options and choices were much broader than before. No restriction on what she can eat but she likes to make smart choices. She says the key is keeping portion control.