Chris’ Weight Loss Journey

Chris came to see me 12 months after his gastric sleeve. Before surgery he had been suffering from crippling knee pain from having played squash and golf for years. A knee replacement was in order. At 140 kgs and 65 yrs of age, he knew that his lack of mobility and extreme pain was because of the heavy weight his knees had to carry.





Chris Thomas 2018
Chris Thomas 2019

Starting the Journey

Chris started his research on his options for weight loss surgery and made a decision to progress with it, once he’d found the right team for himself.

He came to see Dr Dhir and his team in August 2018 and went on to have a gastric sleeve in Nov 2018. He had an amazing recovery and has had an amazing transformation over the last twelve months.

What was incredible about “young” Chris was that he took the advise given to him to the last letter. He even read Dr Dhir’s book “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight “ twice!

Chris' weight loss journey in a chart

Radical Transformation

Chris’ final result at 80 kgs, and he was barely recognisable when he walked into our office today (23rd Oct 2019).

Looking fitter and younger Chris has the energy of a young man again, with almost no knee pain. Certainly no where near what it was 12 months ago.

Chris had the AFTER SURGERY SUPPORT of our Dietitians, Mind Set coaches, along with regular Webinars and Facebook Live calls, which allowed him to remain in contact and derive motivation despite the fact that he lived in the country.

Chris is determined to keep up his new found routine and be an inspiration to many.

Chris with Dr Arun


What’s your goal for the next part of your Weight Loss journey after having had Bariatric Surgery?

Current weight: 80 KG
Goal weight: 80 KG
Weight loss to go: 0 KG


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