Julie’s Weight Loss Journey

What do you call a person who has a vision of the future for themselves that they are compelled to realise?

I met one such lady in March 2017. Julie came to see me after having a long-standing battle with excess weight. What struck me about Julie was that she had a compelling vision to run a full marathon on by 2019. At 47 years of age with a weight of 140.6 kg I had some conflicting thoughts going on in my mind, however by the end of our consultation her energy and the passion of how she believed in this vision completely bowled me over.

Julie had her weight loss surgery in May 2017 amidst doubts that her family members were casting on her, that she was taking the easy way out. However, I knew that Julie took every bit of advice to her heart, letting nothing deter her from seeing herself crossing the finish line of a full marathon.





Julie on the left in 2017 and on the right 12 months after surgery
Ross before surgery
Ross with Dr Arun
Julie came to see me yesterday wearing her medal after running the full Melbourne marathon! What a moment it was, Julie and I were chatting about her journey from 2017 to 2019…we talked about what Julie has achieved and how drastically her personality and mindset has changed for the good.

Julie with her Surgeon Dr Arun in Oct 2019 after completing Melbourne Marathon
Julie now has her eyes set on running the London Marathon in February 2020.

Julie and Dr Arun