Rewire your brain for lasting success

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Rewire your brain for lasting success

after Weight Loss Surgery.

One Mum’s journey and how she rewired her mind for amazing success!

 Can you actually “Rewire” your brain for success after your gastric sleeve or bypass surgery?

Is this even possible or is it something that you leave to your medical team to work out?

Wired for Success?


gut brain connection

That Weight Loss Surgery causes you to eat less is only partially true. It actually affects your brain by changing the nerve signals and the hormones.

Moreover, it affects your brain via the Gut Brain Axis (GBA)

How can I rewire my mind for long term success?

The central reason why weight loss with diets is difficult is due to:

“Stress Response”

or “Fight and Flight Response”.

understand stress response

And when you’re stressed out …

craving sweet food

your body naturally craves sugary foods, because they make you “feel good”…

only for a short while though!

Daniella’s Success Story

As a busy school teacher and mum to three energetic kids, Daniella was not in a happy space when she came to see me.

Despite having all the information and access to knowledge, she could see gradually losing her battle with weight. Medical conditions including spine surgery and ongoing pain killers were becoming a norm, until she decided …

Something had to be done!


Daniella decided to not just have weight loss surgery but also to –

rewire her brain!!!

Danielle then and now

Daniella used the tool of Meditation to manage her stress levels and to reconnect with her true self, someone who she had “lost” in the busyness of life.

She had Gastric Sleeve Surgery 17 months ago but some of the strategies she used to rewire her mindset into a healthier and happier self are truly amazing. Her story is inspiring and her attitude is infectious.

You don’t want to miss a conversation with Daniella!

She is living a life of peak health and fulfilment and will discuss her journey with its highs and lows in our forthcoming webinar on

28th Feb from 1.00pm – 1.00 pm.

Please note that this webinar is only 60 minutes

Title: Rewiring yourself for peak success after Weight Loss Surgery