The Mirror

Have you ever wondered why success in your life is not happening?
Whether in your health, relationship or finances?

The door to any great achievement opens inwards

Your inner thoughts, attitudes and beliefs are the ones that are determining the state of your external world.

When you start working on your mindset and your attitude, you start to create a change in your life…
And that is what allows you to change your story.

Live a better life every day!

The Mirror

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Ignite your mind!

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One big idea

Change your story!

About the Creator

of The Mirror

Dr Arun Dhir is a Gastrointestinal and Weight Loss Surgeon, Health Advocate and a Thought Leader in the area of how our mindset influences our body, healing and our life. His life mission is to educate and inspire people to live life at their peak potential. Dr Arun creates these weekly messages as an instrument of service with the assistance of his 12 yr son, Gaurang.

Online Consultation Announcement

Dr Arun is cancelling all his elective surgery to preserve essential medical equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (the government ban takes effect on 1st April). Melbourne Gastro Surgery will be closed from Monday 31st March until futher notice. However, you may wish to speak to Dr Arun for any of the following reasons:

Review appointment: You may have had surgery with us in the past and wish to speak to Dr Arun. Please make sure you book a WLS REVIEW Consultation HERE

New Appointment for future Weight Loss Surgery: Please book a NEW Patient Consulation HERE

You can now book an online consultations with Dr Arun or contact us by email and we will get back to you at the earliest. Thank you to all our wonderful patients for graciously accepting this decision.

During this uncertain and challenging time, please look after yourself and stay connected to family and friends. Praying for a speedy return to normal life for everyone stay safe and let’s look after one another.

Dr Dhir and staff at Melbourne Gastro Surgery.

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