We continue to see many amazing transformations. Each one of the people below that you are about to meet embraced change with trust, with faith and with courage.

Hold your breath! Take a look at these incredible people…

Meet Bec

Bec Before

Bec had her surgery in October 2018 to uplift her quality of life and be able to pursue a more active lifestyle.

Bec After
12 months later this gorgeous lady is a new personality – full of energy and determination to be an inspiration to many.

This Jono

Jono before

Jono had his surgery in September 2019, and his energy around embracing change has been exceptional.

Jono aftre

He already looks years younger and this is only the beginning. Go Jono!

Say Hi to Gabby

Gabby before

Gabby, you really crshed it baby! 2019 was your year … and this is just the beginning for you.

Gabby after

I am so excited to see your transformation and the exceptional commitment you have demonstrated keeping up with periods of pain and discomfort, but in the end it was worth it!! Wouldn’t you agree!

And meet J

J before
J After
Young J, life at over 200kg in October 2018 was “fun” but risky. We appreciate you hesitation in sharing your journey, but you probably don’t realise how much courage you have demonstrated in sticking to this path, enduring the pain and routine of creating a change that has brought so much joy to you and your beautiful family. You have given your beautiful parents joy as they see the health they were wanting in their lovely child. Great work and keep shining!
At Melbourne Gastro Surgery – Centre for Weight Loss, we are inspired by the people we meet, the people that entrust us to help them on their path to better physical and mental wellbeing. There are so many more we look forward to empowering with confidence and just simply feeling well within themselves. It just takes one step and some life changing decisions to get you on your way. And we are there for you, every step. Well done Bec, Jono, Gabby and J!