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Have you been thinking about getting to a healthy weight? Or considered weight loss surgery and are unsure whether the results last? Maybe you have come across someone who had lost weight earlier and have now regained most, if not all, of the weight they had lost.

Your concerns are very valid. You may have heard this before, weight loss surgery is only a tool. I agree but what is also crucial to understand that this tool does have a failure rate. Note what follow up studies conducted after weight loss surgery have revealed:

Bariatric surgery … is effective at promoting long-term weight loss among obese patients. However, 16 to 30% (depending on surgery type) of weight loss surgery patients regained their weight over the next five to seven years.

Bariatric Surgery and Long-term Durability of Weight Loss

Matthew L. Maciejewski, PhD1,2; David E. Arterburn, MD, MPH3,4; Lynn Van Scoyoc, BA1; et al, JAMA Surg. 2016;151(11):1046-1055. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2016.2317

Weight Loss Surgery

Dr Arun Dhir
Surgeon, Author, Health & Wellness Advocate

Almost 1 in 3 people will end up regaining the lost weight after weight loss surgery – sounds very disenchanting, right?

In my over two and a half decades of practice, I have figured out the main reason for this trend…

Its only one…


Let me elaborate

Anyone who relies on surgery exclusively without doing their part in the overall journey to their healthy weight is doomed for failure.

And I know that anyone who is researching weight loss surgery gets this. But, here is the big but, no one tells you what is it that you need to do when it comes to doing your part in getting long term success after surgery.

Yes, I know you get told, “Do exercise, eat healthy and follow up with your dietitian” but that’s where most of it ends.

And you know what most people say to that? “Of course, I know what the dietitian has to say and I know what exercise I need to do”, and then “If I know everything, do I really need to go for that follow-up appointment?”

This is where we start to fall into the “comfort trap” and slowly but surely start falling back to old habits which lead ultimately to the same or perhaps even more weight than where we started from.

Over the course of last two decades, in mainstream medicine and practising surgery, I have seen how some people have amazing success while others who have the same procedure will suffer in pain with blame and criticism, in the short term and long term. Hardly a result that they are pleased with.

The reason?

Lack of profound information that can create transformation

By profound information I mean information that is true, valid and delivered with the passion to create lasting impact.  In a sense, not having this information is almost guaranteed to lead to failure in achieving long term success after the weight loss surgical procedure.  During my course of practice in the field of weight loss surgery, as a yoga teacher and as a mindfulness coach, I have realised one thing:

Whatever you are experiencing in your physical reality is a reflection of your inner world.

If it is a state of health, prosperity and abundance that you experience on the outside, then your inner world would be in a matching state. If your outer state is that of ill health, poverty and blame, there will be a mirror reflection in your inner state. This is really the level at which transformation begins.

I mentioned to you all this because I have realised that a person can come to see a weight loss surgeon for surgery as a quick-fix. This is never a good strategy for success!

What I have come up with is the 8-Step Program that, if applied in the manner it is designed, allows anyone who is contemplating weight loss surgery, to practically guarantee their long-term success. I say this with confidence because I have seen it over and over again.

The 8 Steps

These 8 Steps are no magic bullets, however, when applied properly in the correct sequence, will guarantee your ability to unlock the full potential of any weight loss surgical procedure that you may have had.  The 8-Step Program has the following components:

Step 1

Take charge of where you are
The first step is about taking 100% responsibility of where you are today. We go deeper into this subject and suggest practical strategies on how we get over the blame game and come up with radical solutions that give you clarity.

Step 2

Your miracle morning routine
Morning time has truly been called the “Golden Hour of Power”. This step gives you the fundamentals of setting up a morning routine that can jump start you into the day in a peak physical, mental and emotional state. A workbook and resources complement this step.

Step 3

The power of meditation
What if I told you that it is your stress that is making you fat? Crazy idea, isn’t it? However, science is proving that highly stressed states cause us to engage in mindless eating which leads to weight gain. This step deals with a strategy and how it can be applied effectively to manage your stress better. A complementary audio meditation provides a great resource to begin this exercise.

Step 4

Lots of people have mixed, unclear information about this specific step. We dive deeper into what kind of exercise and how much of it. Also, we need to understand the association between exercise, breathing and metabolism. YouTube video resource complements this step.

Step 5

Water: the Elixir of Life
We all know the relevance of drinking water. But what about the relevance of drinking water and weight loss? This module provides validated science behind how much, when and what kind of water is most suitable after weight loss surgery.

Step 6

Know what you eat
Yes, we have all been told, “You will only eat like a bird after weight loss surgery”. Is this really true? Do we take more proteins or just focus on healthy fats? And what about eating often or eating only twice a day? Doing research on these questions can be very confusing. Moreover, rigid dietary patterns can be very hard to sustain. I dispel the myths around several recommendations and provide you with basic fundamentals that will allow you to bring variety, cut back monotony and provide you with a balanced nutritious diet that helps reset your metabolism. We also delve into what major food categories we need to cut out as they are hurting us every day.

Step 7

Focus on your gut health
Getting your gut in optimal health forms the basis of achieving lasting health. We examine the signs of healthy gut microbiota, a fancy word for the bugs that live in our gut and call it home. We talk about specific simple yet practical strategies that you could apply to get your gut health in order.

Step 8

Sleep well to stay well
Many underestimate the power of good quality and quantity of sleep when it comes to weight loss. This step explores the science behind it all and provides practical strategies of what will allow you to start sleeping better.

Is This Program For Me?

This program is for you if:
1. You Have a sluggish metabolism and wish to supercharge it.
2. You wish to rebuild your mental grit and get clarity on your life purpose.
3. You are tired of yo-yo dieting and wish to enjoy life without being on a diet.
4. You really want to be a role model to people around you by leading life of peak physical and mental health.

Lastly and most importantly, you want a specialist like Dr Arun to craft a customised plan for you for achieving your health and well-being goals.

Bonuses with this program

You will enjoy the following bonuses when you take action and join this program:

BONUS 1. Dr Arun’s best selling book “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” as a downloadable copy will be sent straight into your inbox. Discover how a happy gut holds the key to achieving and maintaining your healthy weight.

BONUS 2. Two 30 minute one-on-one Strategy Sessions via Skype or phone calls with Dr Arun himself, on specific challenges that you are facing around your weight loss journey. We will develop a strategy that is specific to you.

BONUS 3. Your invitation to our Private Facebook Community where you get to share your concerns with our Closed Group. Get answers and feedback from experts and professionals who are experienced in their field of expertise, rather than rely on advice from unqualified sources.

BONUS 4. Access to our Monthly Webinar where we have organised an amazing line-up of real-life patients, who have gone through this program, along with invited experts, who will share advice and information with members and attendees.

BONUS 5. Ongoing support with our experienced dietitians via once a month teleconference calls.

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