Water Boosts Productivity

by Jul 29, 2019Magical Monday Message

Water is very important for our bodies to operate optimally. Hydration helps in maintaining concentration. Good hydration also helps with weight maintenance.

Its important to recognise that not every time when we are feeling hungry should we eat. It may be that we are actually thirsty! Healthy adults need approx 1.2 to 1.5L of water per day.

Here are some tips for increasing our water consumption.
1/ Have a bottle of filtered water with you.
2/ The bottle should not be made out of plastic. Choose a metal bottle.
3/ Drink Fused Water – Make up a jug of water and add a slice of cut cucumber, strawberries, peaches, mint leaves, or dash of lemon juice. These make the water taste nice but importantly the water becomes more alkaline.
4/ Drink a favourite cup of green tea.