8 Ways to Faster Recovery

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you’ve chosen to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Melbourne to help you on your weight loss journey, there are a wealth of ways in which you can aid your recovery in the wake of your surgery.

It’s important to understand that gastric sleeve surgery isn’t an overnight answer to a new dream body, but by following certain tools and techniques you can expect to see a radical and long-lasting changes to your shape.

How can I recover quickly from gastric sleeve surgery?

If you’re looking for methods that will support and assist your recovery following gastric sleeve surgery, Dr Arun Dhir a specialist surgeon with expertise in weight loss surgery has shared his tips below.

From different tactics you can employ to key practices that will help hasten your recovery, here are some strategies that are particularly beneficial to help you recover faster from gastric sleeve surgery.


Pain relief

Adequate pain relief is a key part for a hasty recovery from gastric sleeve surgery. Post-operation most patients are given PCA – or patient controlled analgesia – to help ease pain. PCA is a button-controlled device, the system automatically injects an approved dose of medication into your system to help alleviate discomfort. Pain relief allows patients to do two keys things; it improves lung function, which is a crucial part of recovery, and more importantly, it allows patients to complete other steps such as ambulating and walking.

Invest in an abdominal compression garment

Wearing an abdominal compression garment following gastric sleeve surgery is another technique that can help quicken recovery post-op. Because your body will continue to change after the surgery, the garment will help to improve both your circulation and your posture as you continue to lose body fat.

Look after your diet

Immediately after the operation, it’s essential that you follow a liquid-based diet to help to avoid postoperative complications, including bowel obstruction, gastric leakage, diarrhea, constipation, and dehydration. Drinking clear, sugar and caffeine-free liquids will help your body as it heals.
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Adjust to a new sleep schedule

If you experience a disrupted sleep schedule in the days following your gastric sleeve surgery, this is completely normal. Sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your recovery so ensure you get adequate rest by napping when your body is tired. Be patient as you adjust to your new sleep schedule and avoiding staying in bed when you’re unable to sleep.
Sleep Well Stay Well

Avoid driving

Driving should be avoided at all costs in the wake of your gastric sleeve surgery. As an exercise that involves being both alert and able to move quickly, patients should only drive when they are no longer taking medications associated with surgery.


While less obvious than pain relief, walking is a recovery strategy that all patients employ in the aftermath of their surgery. Shortly after your surgery, our physio therapist will meet with you to devise a walking plan that will aid you on your road to recovery. Walking not only reduces your risk of developing DVT – or deep vein thrombosis – but also clots in the legs which can travel up to your lungs and cause consequential issues. Walking also reduces that bloaty sensation that people get in their tummy after gastric sleeve surgery. The sooner you start walking post-op, the better you will find you recover.

Drink more fluids

Striving to drink a litre of liquid a day after your surgery is a strategy all patients should undertake. Focusing on small, frequent, fluid intake of liquids such as tea, coffee, soups, and even shakes all count toward the litre you need to consume for optimal recovery. To make this step easier, try utilising the timer function on your smart phone. Setting an alarm to go off every hour will serve as a reminder to encourage you to have a drink and go for a short walk. Patients should endeavour to remain out of bed between sunrise and sunset, because this ensures they remain active which is crucial for a quick recovery.


Manage your stress

The last and final strategy of recovering faster is to manage your stress properly. There is often anxiety around surgery, and it’s not uncommon for patients to worry about the outcomes and risk of complications, which can cause a lot of anxiety to build up. Employing techniques such as breathing exercises, listening to soothing music, or reading something light are all great ways to manage your stress. Another technique is to listen to a guided meditation, which helps calm your mind, focus your attention and bring you into the present. We have created a free guided meditation soundtrack specifically for weight loss patients, which you can access here on our website.

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By following these eight tools and techniques for a speedy recovery from gastric sleeve surgery, you will not only achieve optimal results, you too will find a new sense of normalcy sooner than you ever imagined possible.

Wherever you are on your weight loss journey get in touch with us today to find out how our dedicated team of experts in weight loss surgery in Victoria can help you on your journey towards long-lasting weight loss.

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