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Weight Loss Surgery Information Evening

Wednesday 4th August 2021
6.30 pm to 8 pm

The right information leads to healthy and life changing transformation!

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If you’re thinking of embarking on a journey of peak mental and physical health and seem to have ongoing problems with yo-yo dieting…then you’ve landed on the correct page.

If you’re someone who has dieted most of their lives and who believes you are just ‘big boned’. Or achieving and keeping your healthy weight is a fading dream, then we urge you to think again.

It’s not just about the weight…it is about feeling Great.

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History tells us that there are two rules to create lasting positive shift in any area of your life.

Rule No 1

Associate with people who are on your journey of health and wellness.

Association breeds confidence.

Rule No 2

Follow the footsteps of people who have achieved what you wish to achieve.

Success leaves clues.

Our Special Guests

Bariatric Surgery recipients will share with you what they did to make Weight Loss Surgery a real success.

Maria Berak


Lara and Sam

Lara and Sam

Information leads to Transformation

If weight has been a long standing issue for you and you are ready to take action to change your physical and mental well-being
then you cannot afford to miss our forthcoming
Weight Loss Information Evening.

Wednesday 4th August 2021
6.30 pm to 8 pm

The Event is FREE
And you can join from the convenience from your home.


  • A free event that gives you information on how weight loss surgery can help you create lasting health and well-being.
  • Ask the experts: Ask our surgeons, dietitians and other team members questions that you had in your mind.
  • Meet some of the people who have gone through this journey and hear from them on what they did to retrain their brain for lasting success.
  • Learn about the After Surgery Support and how it can influence your long term results.
  • Be the lucky winner for our surprise door prize: NUTRIBULLET
  • All participants who attend the information evening will get, for FREE, the “Super Success after Weight Loss Surgery“, Dr Arun’s latest eBook.

Valued at $120

Valued at $29

Our line up of presenters followed by your chance to ask questions.

Dr Arun Dhir

Dr Arun Dhir

Director, Melbourne Gastro and Melbourne’s well regarded Bariatric Surgeon
Topic: Understanding your surgical options and getting the most out your surgical procedure

Weight Loss Surgeon Melbourne - Dr Ben Keong

Dr Ben Keong

Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon
Topic: Can I revise my failed lap band? Questions on Revisional surgery



Practice Manager @ Melbourne Gastro Surgery – Centre for Weight Loss
Topic: A practice that brings a holistic approach to weight loss with amazing After Surgery Support

Weight Loss Surgeon Melbourne - Dr Ben Keong

Dr David Ip

Bariatric Anaesthetist
Topic: How safe is anaesthesia for weight loss surgery?



Dietitian at Melbourne Gastro Surgery
Topic: Busting dietary myths on weight loss surgery


Maria, Lara and Sam

Bariatric Surgery Recipients
Topic: What did I do to make Weight Loss Surgery a real success for me?

Lara and Sam

We look forward to meeting you on the Information Evening


Weight Loss information evening is a general information session that does not provide a specific medical advice relevant to your specific requirements. Please discuss with your General practitioner whether weight loss surgery is indicated for you.

We urge our patrons to not suspend, discontinue or alter any medical treatment without the recommendation of their medical practitioners. Dr Arun Dhir, his associates, team members and partners will not be liable for any harm, injury or loss arising out of this.