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Obesity is a dream killer

Low self esteem, lack of confidence and lack of energy can slowly but surely erode into your personality causing frustration, health issues and a feeling of regret.

Over 30% of adults are Obese in our society, with a much greater risk of disability and pre-mature death than ever before.

Open your world to the possibility of health, happiness and vitality

through weight loss surgery

Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) has the ability to provide you lasting success with weight loss. Besides this, weight loss surgery has also got the potential to reverse Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea and high blood pressure completely.

Are you tired to trying a new diet every time and still finding that the scales keep showing an ever-increasing number?

Weight loss surgery has the potential for long term success in achieving and maintaining your healthy weight.

Surgery empowers you with the physical tool that provides these two abilities:

  • Ability to limit your portion size
  • Ability to control your hunger as surgery drastically reduces your hunger hormones

People who commit to use surgery and make the necessary lifestyle changes, besides exercising regularly, can expect to enjoy long-term results. Your commitment to making the emotional and physical changes after weight loss surgery will determine long-term success of surgery.

Patient Stories

Hearing from others who have travelled the path of weight loss surgery that you may be considering is a very empowering exercise.

If you would like to hear from some of our past clients, who share with us the challenges of making a decision to take charge and building the commitment to develop healthy habits after weight loss surgery, then join us at the Weight Loss Information Evening.

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Weight Loss Information Evening



  • Dr Arun Dhir
  • Dietitian
  • Former patient

Who Are the Speakers?

At the event,  we have guest speakers. You get to meet patients who have had weight loss surgery and hear their stories. You’ll also got the opportunity to hear from our experts, Dr Arun Dhir and Dietitians.


Julie, one of our patients, loves to share real life results and discuss what to expect after surgery.

Dr Arun Dhir

Surgeon, Author, Health and Wellness Advocate.

Julie Hennessy

Julie Hennessy

Accredited Dietitian and Managing Director of Weight Loss Surgery Support.

Mind-Body Approach

Our Holistic Mind-Body approach to weight management has produced many happy clients as we don’t believe that weight loss surgery is a quick fix or an easy way out.


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We pride in our world class care combined with empowering tools that our clients receive to help you in achieving your peak health and lead a fulfilled life.

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