Weight Loss

Surgery Revision

When previous weight loss surgery, such as a gastric band or gastric sleeve, fails to achieve adequate weight loss – or when complications occur after previous weight loss surgery – Gastric Bypass Surgery may be the preferred weight loss revisional surgical operation.

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery or for Obesity

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Revision Surgery is often Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

When being performed for revision purposes, there is often scar tissue from the previous operation. This makes the revision operation more difficult than the primary, original gastric bypass procedure. Therefore there are higher risks involved with this procedure; potentially the operation may need to be slightly modified by the Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Specialist to maximise patient safety.

Sometimes this results in the operation needing to be performed over 2 distinct stages. For example, Stage 1 might be the removal of the gastric band, and Stage 2 (months later) might be the Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Quite often there is a slight distortion of the stomach (Hiatus Hernia) near where the stomach bypass is to be made. The hiatus hernia may be repaired, when present.

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