Your Gut Microbiome and Weight Loss

RE-GEN Your Gut Programme

An integrative gut regeneration and microbiome balancing program for bariatric and anti-reflux surgery patients for lasting results.

Fight weight gain through your gut bacteria

The ReGen Program consists of:

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1. Initial Assessment
Includes comprehensive stool analysis and testing to assess your metabolic function to determine what treatment you will respond to the best.

2. Detox
Patients then undergo a 2 week individualised detox plan to improve liver function, detoxification pathways and elimination prior to surgery.

3. Customised Gut Cleanse
Four weeks after surgery, patients will then being a customised 8 week gut cleanse, microbiome balance treatment plan based on your stool analysis results.

What is the microbiome?

Approximately 40% of the bacteria that lives in your intestines is the same in all people. While the other 60% varies from individual to individual. It consists of trillions of microorganisms (at least 1000 different species) such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea (including potential pathogens) that at the right levels live and work together to keep us healthy.

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What does gut bacteria have to do with weight management?

Research has shown that even with the right food and exercise, an imbalance in the microbiome can cause weight gain and poor metabolism.

Dysbiosis is when that balance is disrupted, and pathogens or undesirable bacteria begin to dominate and overgrow. Microbiota change can be caused by diet, medications, pathogens, stress, recurrent constipation and diarrhoea.

Research has helped us understand how the gut plays such a vital role in achieving and maintaining optimal body weight. In a breakthrough study, researchers found that fecal transplants from obese people in to mice – caused weight gain with no changes in food intake or exercise.

To achieve long-term maintenance of your weight loss, your bacteria are important. Our comprehensive plan includes a focus on re-establishing optimal gut health.

But, I don’t have any gut symptoms?

There is growing evidence that dysbiosis of the microbiome is associated with the development of health conditions outside of the gut. Bacteria in the gut, digest and ferment food, modulate immune response and sometimes these interactions cause gut symptoms, but not always. This imbalance has been linked to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and asthma.

Inflammation in the gut leads to intestinal hyperpermeability (‘leaky gut’) which allows peptides and other chemicals, to move across the gut wall where they can create systemic reactions such as headaches, sleep disturbance and “brain fog”.

The ReGen Your Gut Program will take you through a personalised treatment which involves assessing your microbiome, and tailoring treatments to improve your specific situations. Diet is a crucial factor for maintaining an improved bacteria eco-system long-term but this plan will re-establish a healthy balance to maintain long-term weight loss.
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The ReGen Program uses herbal medicines that have been shown to be effective against dysbiotic bacteria.

Your treatment is designed to weed out bacteria that are contributing inflammation and weight gain, whilst selectively enhancing the beneficial bacteria.