Can Mind Body Practices and Journaling Help?

1 Jul , 2017Health and Weight Loss

Can they help achieve and maintain your health weight?

It is not shocking to see people making the same mistake over and over. Someone in your friends, family or surroundings must have made the same mistake multiple times and you would’ve felt desperate to help that person. A similar thing happens when people decide to lose weight. They think losing weight is all about eating less and doing more exercise, when this is not completely true. Almost everyone who has once tried to lose weight would agree that the biggest barrier between them and losing weight is the conviction of mind and motivation. People just can’t make up their minds to change the way they have been living, eating and moving.

How much you weigh or how you look is greatly dependent on what you think. There should be no surprise about it because you can see the connection of your mind and thoughts with your weight and looks from routinely happenings. Here are some examples of how your mind and body are connected.

  • When you are feeling bored, you want to eat something salty or spicy.
  • Your food cravings increase big time when you are stressed, depressed etc.
  • You want to eat sweet stuff like muffins and cakes when you experiencing loneliness.

If you have been stressed, depressed or have felt lonely, you understand everything mentioned above is true.

Mind and body practice can help increase effectivity of weight loss programs (source). By mind and body practices it means exercises like yoga, relaxation techniques, meditation, hypnosis etc. These exercises are not all about physical activity to burn calories instead they are about awareness. Once you start doing them you become more aware of your portion sizes, your body weight, quality of life etc. When you do these practices, you are helping yourself remove the first barrier between you and a healthy life – the conviction of your mind.


Now, combine your mind and body practices with regular and consistent journaling and you have a perfect first step to a healthy lifestyle. There are several online resources and personal stories that prove journaling really helps people lose weight by keeping them on track. Some recent studies conducted on the subject have also proved that journaling can be a big boost for those who are taking their first step towards losing weight (source).

However, there are certain rules that can make journaling for weight loss really effective for you. Here they are:

  • You should write about behavior in addition to how much you weight
  • Highlight achievements and try to re-achieve them
  • Share with someone who’s willing to help you
  • Write at length about days when you felt strongest food cravings
  • Keep strong focus on the portion size

Despite this great information it’s that first step that’s still hard to take. Think about it, wouldn’t it require conviction too to register for a yoga class or to start journaling?

Just like millions of people out there, you can make it easy to bring the all-needed change in your lifestyle and live a healthy life. If that one thing is a weight loss surgery, go for it.

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