Have you ever wondered why success in your life is not coming your way, whether its health, relationship or finances?
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Sleep Hygiene

Do you feel that you just need another 10 min of sleep in the morning? Do you come home from work feeling exhausted? Is the problem sleep related? Sleep hygiene refers to the quantity and quality of sleep we get. Research shows that adults need 6-8 hours...

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The Science of Green Tea

Green tea has been called Green Gold! Dr Arun talks about the science behind Green Tea and its ability to help balance of our metabolism. Green tea contains polyphenols, antioxidants which neutralises the free radicals that causes damage in our body. Green...

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Why Get Into the Habit of Journaling?

Journaling helps lighten the weight on the heart when there is turbulence. It helps us hold on to some of the fundamentals that will keep us grounded and stable so we continue to make progress on this journey called life. Four practical suggestions are...

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When Age Cannot Stop the Desire to Get Healthy

 Watch our June Webinar. You’ll enjoy hearing from Margaret Duck who shares with us how her desire get healthy motivated her to make changes. She really wanted to get off her walker. So, she decided on weight loss surgery, seen by many in her family as a drastic step...

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Real Fitness after Weight Loss Surgery

Watch the webinar with Weight Loss Surgeon Dr Arun Dhir as he interviews Paul Kalolo, Fitness Trainer and coach on how to get started with exercise after weight loss surgery. Learn how to use exercise as an effective tool, safely and for your long term success.

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The Challenge of Diabetes, Reflux & Excess Weight

One Lady's Determination To Fix It All In this webinar we are talking to our stellar patient Evelin who was determined to take charge of her health. Join us while she is interviewed by Dr Arun Dhir, Surgeon and Director at Melbourne Gastro Surgery. Hear about “The...

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