Can you influence your weight by changing your metabolism

30 Oct , 2017Health and Weight Loss

A slow metabolism can be linked to weight gain however, there is more to this than meet the eye.

It is correct that weight and metabolism is linked, however, although a slow metabolism can be a cause of weight gain, the culprit is more about the balance between what type of food and drink you consume and how much in accordance with your energy expenditure.

Basically, metabolism is the process whereby your body converts the food and drink you consume into energy. This is a very complex biochemical procedure during which calories are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs for efficient functionality. Even during rest, your body is still using energy for all its involuntary functions including breathing, growth and repair of cells, blood circulation.

Your metabolism rate is the rate in which the food you eat is converted to energy.

Influences on the metabolism

  • The composition of your body will impact your metabolic rate. In other words, a person with more muscle and less fat will tend to have a faster metabolism and a person with less muscle and more fat will tend to have a slower metabolism;
  • Generally men will have a faster metabolic rate due to the fact that they tend to have more muscle and less fat;
    Studies have shown that protein increases your metabolic rate as your body will require more energy to process a high protein diet;
  • Genes:
  • Gut Microbiome: The composition of your Gut Bacteria can influence your ability to extract energy from the food you consume. Foods high in sugar promote growth of such bacteria that extract more energy from food, making you gain weight.
  • Lifestyle, particularly exercise, diet and Sleep: Poor sleep is associated with sluggish metabolism, making one gain weight.
    As you get older, your metabolism is likely to slow down;
  • Thyroid function. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism by making hormones that influence almost every aspect of your body’s performance;
  • Studies have shown that eating less than 1,200 calories per day can actually slow down your metabolism;
  • Caffeine is a stimulate and so can increase your metabolic rate;
  • Some spicy foods can also increase your metabolic rate.

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